Peggle Android 1.4.0

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Addictive combination of luck and skill

This program can no longer be downloaded. You can look for alternatives in Puzzle Games. View full description


  • Extremely addictive
  • Solid gameplay
  • Great visual style
  • Lots of replayability


  • Levels can get frustrating


This program can no longer be downloaded. You can look for alternatives in Puzzle Games.

Peggle is a puzzle game requiring players to empty a level of all the orange pegs.

While the core gameplay is simple, Peggle adds various levels of difficulty by presenting different arrays of pegs, levels, and power-ups that change the experience. In addition, giving players one of ten power-ups makes Peggle a highly addictive game with modes for every style of player.

The visuals of Peggle are simple and focus on the gameplay. Players aim a guide at any place in the level and shoot the ball at the pegs. In most modes, simply erasing all the orange pegs wins the level. But with other modes, players have to reach a high score before it is considered complete.

Peggle’s different challenges add to the immense replayability of the game. It contains finely polished gameplay that combines physics, geometry, and sometimes blind luck. Peggle could easily be one of the most addictive games for mobile. The levels can take a few minutes to hours depending on how much you fine tune your aim.

The majority of the game will take players through the 55 levels of the game, teaching the different power-ups, and then testing the abilities of players as they attempt to complete levels. Peggle does become more difficult in later levels, and the power-ups are helpful but do not assist as much as they do in the early stages.

Peggle is already known well and Android users cannot miss the addictive experience.